University of Sydney Coaching and Mentoring Alumni


Who can join USCMA?

Alumni membership

Alumni of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney 

Associate membership

Current students and past staff of the Coaching Psychology Unit at the University of Sydney

Affiliate membership 

Current students and graduates of other coaching degrees awarded by the following:

Membership is restricted to eligible individuals and is free.

How to join USCMA

There are just two steps required to join USCMA. It’s important that you use the same email address in both steps.

STEP 1. Register your details to join the USCMA Membership Database. Details of future USCMA events will be emailed to all registered members. The USCMA Privacy Policy may be viewed here.

STEP 2. To join the USCMA Linkedin group, use this link Join the USCMA Linkedin group. Linkedin requires the creation of a profile using the same email address as provided in STEP 1. Please send a linkedin message to the Member Officer or contact us if you have further enquiries.   

Benefits of membership

USCMA is a vibrant community of coaches providing a range of events throughout the year including:

  • ‘Coaches in the Pub’: a regular networking event with talks by members and lecturers on hot topics for coaches

  • Professional development workshops to hone skills and knowledge

  • Exclusive discounts on selected coaching, psychology and human resources-related workshops and training programs including:

    • Positivity Institute MTQ48 Licensed User Training

    • Hogan Assessment Accreditation

    • The Leadership Circle

    • Gallup Strengths Finder Accreditation

    • StrengthsProfile Accreditation

  • Notification of upcoming coaching conferences

Keep in touch: Update your details with the Sydney University

Graduates of the Coaching Psychology Unit are encouraged to stay in touch with the University of Sydney and to update USCMA on your contact details and career achievements. We are always pleased to hear of new appointments, awards and significant partnerships and projects.

With your up-to-date details, the University of Sydney can keep you in touch with special alumni social events, professional development seminars, and other opportunities to maintain valuable connections with the profession, academia and colleagues in related fields. We can also ensure you receive SAM, the university of Sydney's alumni magazine.

You can register or update your details online to ensure the University of Sydney has your most current contact details here.

Alumni Programs and Benefits

Sydney University offers a broad array of programs and benefits to connect you to personal and professional networks and keep you updated on our activities. Find out more here.